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Berger Enamel Sign Board

Berger enamel sing boards are specialised signs made from durable enamel paint to ensure a long lasting finish, making them ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

Burmah-Shell Enamel Sign Board Glittery Gold

Durable, eye-catching enamel sign boards for indoor and outdoor use. Easy to install and perfect for advertising, promoting, and displaying messages.

Castrol Enamel Signboards for Unique Style

This vintage Castrol Enamel signboard is a classic addition to any collection or garage. It features a green background with a white round border and the word "Castrol" printed in bold red lettering. This signboard is perfect for displaying in a shop window or as a decoration in a man cave. With its classic look, this signboard is sure to bring back memories of the past.

Castrol Wakefield Motor Oil Enamel Signboard

This vintage Castrol Wakefield Motor Oil Enamel Signboard is sure to add a touch of classic charm to your home or garage. The bright green enamel signboard boasts a bold design and reads "Castrol Wakefield" in white & red text. The signboard is made from heavy-duty steel, with a glossy enamel finish, and measures 23.5"x20", making it the perfect size for any wall.

Constantin Gigaretten Enamel Signboard

Vintage enamel signboard for Constantin Gigaretten. Bright colours, great condition & eye-catching design. Perfect for any vintage collection!

Create a Unique Look with Bayer Enamel Sing Boards

Vintage Bayer enamel sign board is a classic piece of advertising memorabilia. It features vibrant colours and handmade enamels, perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to any home.

Dr English Goldbottle Beer Enamel Signboard

A perfect gift for beer drinkers, this Dr. English Goldbottle Beer Enamel Signboard is a must-have for the home bar. Crafted from quality materials, this vintage-style sign looks great and is sure to turn heads.

Fry’s Pure Concentrated Cocoa Signboard

Fry's Pure Concentrated Cocoa Enamel Signboard: Get a glossy, durable finish for your indoor & outdoor signage with this high-quality cocoa-enamel signboard. Ideal for commercial & residential applications, it's easy to install & can endure harsh weather conditions.

Hamburg-Amerika Linie Enamel Sign Board

This vintage enamel sign board features the logo of the Hamburg-Amerika Linie, a German shipping line active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A great piece of maritime history!

John Deere Retro Enamel Sign Board

This John Deere enamel sign board is a durable and high-quality addition to any John Deere enthusiast's collection. The vibrant colors and crisp graphics make it a standout piece that will surely catch the eye of anyone who sees it. Whether it's displayed in your home, office, or workshop, this sign board is sure to make a statement.

Power Up with Eveready 9 Lives Batteries!

Eveready 9 Lives Batteries Enamel sign board is a vintage advertising sign featuring a vivid red and yellow design with the iconic mascot, 9 Lives Cat, and the slogan "Batteries that Keep Going and Going and Going". This sign is perfect for adding a nostalgic touch to any space.

Spice Up Your Home with a Biere St. Nicolas de Port Signboard!

This vintage enamel sign board features an illustration of the patron saint of brewers, St. Nicolas de Port, and is perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to any space.