Texts here are not only books and literature but also art, photos movies TV, fashion, etc .

Texts here are not only books and literature but also art, photos movies TV, fashion, etc . – everything that has a cultural significance. Scientific Progress. Themes and Concepts of Major Themes: Studies in ancient history also contribute to the development of science.

Cultural Studies as a field specifically in regards to its roots it is profoundly dependent on it’s influence by the Marxist school of the mind and critical theory and is therefore politically in line in a left-wing alliance. If we know the roots of the issues, then we can better understand the similar issues we face now. Some of the main theory that CS is heavily influenced by are structuralism semiotics, postcolonialism, post-structuralism as well as queer theory, feminist theorists, literature theory, etc. For instance, we can study the causes of diseases, beginning at the source of their causes. It aims to look into how the vectors of gender, race, sexuality, class, etc shape the production-consumption and dissemination of culture and media. There are numerous historical stories of diseases, plagues, epidemics, etc. that have helped scientists follow the development of the disease over time to present. The encoding/decoding theory, commonly referred to in the field of Reception Theory is a landmark theory within CS that was developed by Hall first in 1973, using the example of television.

This has enabled researchers develop new cures or treatments. Hall believed that the theory of communication, which is linear, was inaccurate since messages in media contain meanings that could be perceived (decoded) by the audience differently according to their sociocultural background and experience. In other instances, scientists can make use of actual evidence, such as archaeological sites, like those that date back to Rome as well as Egypt.

According to him, based on this, viewers would come to a decision based on three possible readings – the predominant (or preferred) reading in which people interpret messages as the creator intended them to; read that is negotiated, where there is a mix of embracing some of the intended meanings but also incorporating the meanings they prefer; and the third, the oppositional reading in which the audience rejects the meanings they are aiming for and formulate their own according to their experiences. A good example of this is the work currently being carried out in cancer researchdue to mummies. There are a variety of different notions and ideas that have been developed and elaborated on in the work of CS thinkers. These are giving researchers new insights about the progress and progression of this disease across a greater time period than they thought was possible. Some of the most significant ideas and research areas include representational issues identity, subcultures, power and hegemony. The history of the world is interwoven with many other areas which could not develop without it . Ideology in this context is to be considered as "commonly used maps of meaning which, though they claim to be universally true, are specifically based on historical understandings that conceal and sustain the power of the individual" (Barker, 2007). These include medical expertise psychology, sociology, social structure Health and Safety as well as forensics, linguistics building, planning, the list could go on and on.

Hegemony is a term that was first proposed in the works of the philosopher Antoni Gramsci. An Moral Obligation. Hegemony is defined as the ways that dominant groups maintain their social power over minorities through the production and maintenance of the norms and beliefs that legitimately defended their authority. Apart from being able to describe specific modern circumstances The study of the past is vital to the development of mankind. Conclusion: Knowing our past for example can give us peace of mind because we’re not the first to be affected by certain events and can also help us envision the possibilities of the future. The area of cultural studies is huge and has become increasingly important across the world.

Someone who moves to another side of the world feels reassured and supported by the knowledge that thousands of others (if at all) had done this before. There are many associations, research centers, and journals that focus on cultural studies that are present across the globe and numerous international conferences. A company can predict the possibilities of the future based on the accomplishments of those who have made it in the past. Cultural studies are of paramount importance. is now more important than ever since the globe is experiencing a series of changes, whether they is political, social or ecological, culture practice and mass media definitely playing a significant part.

It is a practice and one that is firmly rooted that is crucial to the development of humankind both on a personal and larger scales However, it also fulfills a moral obligation towards our grandparents. Barker, C. (2007). It helps people continue to live their lives with a deeper knowledge of where they come from and essays provides them with the respect they deserve for their history .

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