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How To Set Up A Website? Our Updated Beginner’s Guide For 2022

You can drag and drop menu items to your desired order and even turn them into sub-items by moving them underneath others like below. Once you are satisfied, choose the menu position where you’d like this menu to appear . After all, it’s hard to customize your site when there’s nothing on it to show the changes. What you need in terms of content will vary depending on the subject matter of your site and your goals. So save yourself some money and get a proper web host. If for some reason you don’t want to build your site with WordPress, check out my Drupal, Joomla, HTML5 and website builder guides as well.

How do I create my own website

Alright, so for those of you who want to go above and beyond, let’s take the final step. I’d love to check it out and see what you were able to come up with. Widgets are automatically saved when you drag them in or out of a box. By the way, you can use the Widget Context plugin if you want to specify certain pages that a widget will or won’t be displayed on.

Otherwise, feel free to truck through the whole guide in order. I spent over 15 hours writing this guide with the intent of making it the ultimate resource for getting yourself online. When you’re done, you’ll have established a great online presence. I’ve been offered jobs, met clients for my web design work, and gotten interviews simply because I have a website. If I didn’t take the time to create one, I’m confident that I wouldn’t have been found.

Here’s a Pinterest-worthy image if you’d like to share this post there. WordPress 24-Hour Trainer by George Plumley – if you’re looking for a book for beginning WordPress. Honestly, I think you can learn well enough by using the Codex and just playing with things. However…were you to search for “Thomas Frank YouTube” or “Thomas Frank college”, Ididcome up. I’m Thomas Frank, but Thomas Frank is also a well-known political author with several published books, bylines in high-profile websites and newspapers, and a Wikipedia entry.

Popular Posts

Yoast SEO – A top search engine optimization plugin that adds on-page optimization prompts to every page and post plus the option to customize Open Graph social media tags. You can also make adjustments to your homepage, blog page, and add custom code. The options that appear will vary depending on which theme you’ve installed. Like I said, the theme options you have are literally endless. Also, see if the theme you’ve chosen has a template for a contact page. If it does, you’ll be able to put up a contact form without using a plugin.

How do I create my own website

Now it’s time to make sure visitors are impressed when they hit your site. Let’s look at customizing your site’s look and feel. From there, all you have to do is go to Posts and start writing. All your published blog posts should show up on that Blog page. Beneath this message are a bunch of widgets, but you won’t need to do much with them right now.

Step 1: Get A Domain Name And Hosting

Akismet is a plugin that helps keep blog comment sections free of spam. If you decide to add a blog to your website , and you’d like to enable comments on your posts, Akismet will come in handy. Let’s get rid of them in order to keep things simple and clean. If you change your mind, you can always reinstall something later. WooCommerce – This is the most popular e-commerce store plugin for WordPress and makes it easy to set up an online store.

How do I create my own website

Above, I have already covered that you can configure your homepage to automatically display your latest posts. However, if you want a dedicated blog page instead and keep your homepage static, you first need to create it. Go ahead and skip to step 3, where I’ll explain how you can set up your website. Well, back in 2005 when I got started with web development, most sites were created using HTML , CSS, and PHP.

Choose A Website Builder

Choose one of our many professionally designed templates, then make it your own. Galleries, video backgrounds, media sliders, custom colors, password protection. It’s all integrated into our slick, modern designs and our intuitive editor. is a free resource site for helping people to create, customize and improve their websites. However, creating one can be a good idea to regularly publish fresh content, display your expertise, and provide additional value for your visitors. Beaver Builder – An easy-to-use page builder plugin that speeds up website design considerably. Elementor – This all-in-one website builder offers visual website editing, fast load times, and a vast selection of templates to choose from. Jetpack – Includes a wide range of features to improve website speed, optimization, social media integration, digital marketing, contact forms, and site search.

  • Pages are different from Posts because they will show up in your site’s main navigation instead of going on your list of blog posts.
  • Click on any element on the page to customize it.
  • Install the plugin, activate it, and then click the button that comes up afterwards in order to fully activate SSL.
  • Deleting the default pluginsWhat’s Akismet, you ask?

Make sure the theme was installed successfully, and click Activate. Most themes will come with documentation that tells you how or even if you need to do this, so consult that for help if you need it. Wherever you found your theme, download it to your computer. Ultra is a theme made by Themify – the same people who made Simple, which is the free theme I mentioned above. While Simple is indeed very flexible – especially for a free theme – Ultra takes things up a notch.

Activating Ssl On Your Site

Once you’ve opened the tool, you’ll see a live preview of your site, along with a number of options on the left. Every theme will include different options, so you’ll have to play around with it yourself to see what’s possible with the theme you’ve chosen. The Domain Privacy Protection option.As a result, domain privacy protection is something that I recommend adding. However, it’s also an option you can add to your account later on, so if you don’t do it now , you’re not out of luck.

I did this on my previous personal site’s sidebar; it was a cool way to build a visual network of student entrepreneurs. Widgets are elements that you can place on any part of your theme that has been “widgetized” – that is, set up for widgets to display. There are already a few widgets displaying on your site by default, likeCategory, Recent Posts,andMeta. Alone, WordPress is a great system with a lot of functionality. However, the true beauty of WordPress lies in its ability to work with plugins – small pieces of packaged code that add functionality to your site.

Neve will give you a choice as to which specific elements you want to import. It’s best to leave them all selected so that you get a whole working website after the import is done. Neve will also install the page builder required to make the design work. You can pick one based on the niche your site is in, or simply pick a look that you enjoy.

Design That Makes You Stand Out

However, you will have to make some compromises along the way. There are some limitations to free websites, and we will talk about them later on. This guide will show exactly how to achieve that – how to build your own website and not lose your shirt or your mind along the way. The question of how to build your own website is something that many people struggle with. And especially if they’re beginners who haven’t previously owned a website.

If you recall from the section detailing each part of WordPress, Pages are used for timeless content such as your biography and contact information. These pages will appear in your site’s top-level navigation, or 2nd-level navigation if you decide to create child pages. Media – a central repository for any pictures, sound files, video, and other pieces of media that you upload to your site. Here you can browse through and edit media you’ve uploaded to your posts and upload even more. This is where you’ll go when you want to write a blog post or edit an existing one.

Heres How To Decide Between WordPress And Wix

Bluehost makes this part very easy to do, and it doesn’t require any server management skills from you. Next, choose whether you want to register a new domain name or stay with the free Wix subdomain. Just install any app with a couple of clicks and then configure it via the app’s settings accordingly. Click on the buttons labeled Design in the upper-left corners to change the element’s design style. You’ll be able to customize that design later on, but you won’t be able to change it to something else entirely. Surprise, surprise, we’re not going to be building a website by hand – as in coding it in HTML and CSS.

There’s also a rudimentary code editor, but it’s not very good. If you’re getting to the point where you want to manually edit your site’s theme, I recommend CodeAnywhere. Pages – here you can create Pages, which is what you’ll be using for the main content on your site.

Wait until it has been downloaded and then click Activate. You can find all plugins on your site plus the possibility to activate, deactivate, and delete them under Plugins in the WordPress main menu. In this example, we’re using the latest WordPress default theme, Twenty Twenty-One to create a site. By default, it uses a static page as the homepage that you can configure under Homepage Settings. Use the dropdown menu to select which page you want to serve as your website’s homepage.

This is actually a theme of our own, which the WordPress community seems to like a lot. The theme is active on more than 50,000 websites at the time of writing. Next, you’ll be asked to pick which of your domain names you want to connect the site to.


When you’re ready to install a plugin, click on the Install Now button next to its name. You’ll see the main WordPress content editing interface. This one is quite easy to use … pretty much all you have to do is start typing away. Just click on the Import button next to the template you like.

Alternatively, if you want your homepage to feature your latest blog posts, check and choose the option Your latest posts. Look through these two tabs and pick the plugins that seem interesting/valuable to you. Also, here’s our own list of recommended plugins that most websites should have. Another website readability thing to keep in mind is that what we’re talking about here is launching just a basic site with WordPress. If you will need things like online payments, additional plugins, premium themes, then your costs will rise. We’re not going to talk about online stores here, just standard websites.

Once your site is ready, it’s time to officially launch it. Make sure to double-check your settings and proofread your posts and pages one more time. If everything looks good, click the link at the top of the dashboard that says Coming Soon Active. Unlike website builders or web design software, WordPress doesn’t cost a dime to download, install or use. It’s built by web developers and there’s a large developer community who have designed beautiful free themes and templates, making it easy to get going fast.

Each of these took a lot of time to learn and were difficult to master. First, you don’t go to the main website to get started. Instead, the best place to start is with a hosting firm.

This will enable your site to have that little “Secure” lock icon, which you can probably see up in the address bar for this site. Having that there makes your site more trustworthy to visitors. Start your journey by choosing theHatchling plan,which is the cheapest one and is all you need if you’re just building a single website.

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